I tell visual stories..

My name is Andy Midside I’m a fulltime photographer / filmmaker from The Netherlands. I started my own company back in 2013 and have seen the craziest things.

My passion for photography / filmmaking started when I was around 15 years old. My inspiration… My Great Grandfather! He started filming during World War 2 and he continued to do so till his death (93 years old). He made documentaries about Blacksmiths and filmed Musicals for a local school.

Like my Great Grandfather, I also love to do a variety of things and tell stories with (moving) images.

Over the last almost 10 years I did a lot of client work and now I think it’s time for something different… I want to tell my own stories and also help others become a fulltime entrepreneur.

I also like to make people smile, So if I can make someone smile by creating an image that means much to them… I’m in!

I live in The Netherlands but I’m willing to go anywhere life takes me.